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About renting a property in Thailand.

When is better to visit Thailand?

In Thailand, the year is divided into two seasons: high and low. In high season there is practically no rain in the street beautiful sunny weather, the sea is calm, without waves.

In the low season - come wind and brings rain, sea waves appear high, you can swim every day. But in fact, contrary to popular belief, is not it rains every day, often is a beautiful sunny weather. And there are beaches where the high waves of the sea does not happen ever. According to this, if you want to relax in peace and quiet, while significantly saving on the rental real estate and airline tickets - you should come to rest in the low season.

Phuket to Pattaya and Samui's rainy season begins at different times. Phuket and Pattaya - is from June to October, on Koh Samui from September to January. By this, even in summer, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday in Thailand, just by the beautiful island of Koh Samui. And in the winter, on the contrary, you can celebrate the New Year under the hot sun, opt for the island paradise of Phuket or Pattaya.

Why on our website is not listed rental prices?

If you are already looking for a property for rent, you have probably faced with a situation where the rental price for your selected date is very different from what you see on the website. We want to avoid such situations and not to mislead you very low prices for rent.

The cost of rental housing in low and high season can vary several times. Also under the influence of economic conditions and other factors, the owner can change the price for rental of their property without telling us about it. Therefore, we have divided the property into 4 classes: economy, standard, business and luxury property on the basis of quality and cost.

In cases where the cost of rental housing is known for throughout the year and at any time - we pointed it in the description of the object. But even if the price is specified, it may change both the larger and the smaller side. For example, because we forgot to send relevant information on the price change on the rent or we have not been able to update it online.

So before booking price on selected dates you need to ask for. The price of rent is fixed at the time of deposit and can not be changed.

Deposit for booking.

In order to find a property you like you need to make a deposit. For the owner - it is a guarantee that you will not change your mind, and he does not need to look for other tenants. After the fixed deposit and the date you selected property has no one else can deliver.
In most cases, advance payment for booking your chosen property is 50% of the rental cost. But depending on the time of year and the owner of the lease conditions may vary. So for rental properties in the New Year in advance for a reservation can be up to 100%, and in the summer, on the contrary - to fall to 20%.

Security deposite 

When renting a villa homeowners tend to take a deposit for safekeeping, in case the villa something is broken because of the tenant. And as for the payment of electricity, which is usually not included in the rental price. If no damage due to the fault of the tenant is not, and paid the light bill - the deposit is fully refundable to the tenant on departure.
Long lease deposit for the safety of the more it would be possible to insure the owner of the lost profit. After all, if the tenant suddenly refuses to rent - can not work quickly to find new tenants and the property will be idle, not bringing income. At the same time, other tenants had been denied, since the contract was signed for the long term. Therefore, in the event of early termination of the contract, depending on the terms of the agreement, part of the deposit, or even the entire deposit will be retained by the lessor.

Why electricity is not included in the rental price?

In Thailand, electricity is expensive. Due to the hot climate often have to include air conditioning, which consumes large amounts of energy. Someone prefers cool - and leaves the air conditioning on all the time, someone almost do not use it. Therefore, bills in both cases, the light will be very different from each other. That would not overpay for unused light - electricity in the rental price, as a rule, do not include.


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1. Selection

You send us a request or select you like an objecton on the website. We select and agree on the best options.

2. Registration

You send e-mail your data: first and last name in Latin letters same like in your in the passport. We book for you an object for 5 days and send you a bill for pre-payment. Usualy prepayment is from 10% to 100% form the rental price (depends from the owner). If the advance payment was not made within five days - the reservation is canceled.

3. Prepayment

You pay the bill by bank transfer, "Western union" oe "Pay Pall"and send us a copy of the payment receipt or a photo.
We are extending reservations to the recive of the money on our account, and once that happens, we send you an official confirmation of booking.

4. Check

We will send you the exact location of the object and all check-in instructions, so that you can act on its own. We can also provide you with a shuttle service.

When you check-in, you pay the remaining amount and leave a deposit as collateral.

To add information about your property in the catalog of our web-site - please send full information via e-mail:

Information should include:
- Description
- Photo
- The coordinates on the map (GPS)
- cost
- Contact details

We will check the information you supply in, will specify the necessary details, if it is necessary. The information about your property will be posted on our website within three working days .

Possible photographing your property.