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If you are looking for a valuable aportunatly to invest in real estate - we are offering to get acquainted with hot deals of the real estate in Thailand. You can buy apartments or villa in the best resorts of Thailand with a very low price. you can buy it like permament residention in a tropical paradise, or for investment. Real estate in Thailand is always in demand and will bring you a good income.Hot offers for sale of real estate in Thailand.

How to buy an apartments in Thailand remotely?

You want to buy an apartments in Thailand, but cannot find time to travel? It is not necessary to visit a tropical paradise to buy apartments. We will help you buy property in Thailand from anywhere in the world. To make a purchase remotely in a free hold, you can on the primary market only with the purchase of apartments from developers. In the case of registration of apartments in the leasehold (long-term lease of 30 + 30 + 30), your presence at the time the apartment is not necessary. Contract long Are apartments (leasehold) can be signed remotely. And you can start receiving rental income immediately. Even if you buy apartments on the secondary real estate market.

How to buy property in Thailand?

In this article we will describe all main points to consider when you selecting and purchasing real estate in Thailand. Dear customers! We strive to ensure that our cooperation was pleasant and efficient. Please read this article before contacting us. When choosing a real estate - to determine the direction of choice is very important. We want to help you make the right choice, so we have prepared a next questions:



1. Selection

You send us a request or select you like an objecton on the website. We select and agree on the best options.

2. Registration

You send e-mail your data: first and last name in Latin letters same like in your in the passport. We book for you an object for 5 days and send you a bill for pre-payment. Usualy prepayment is from 10% to 100% form the rental price (depends from the owner). If the advance payment was not made within five days - the reservation is canceled.

3. Prepayment

You pay the bill by bank transfer, "Western union" oe "Pay Pall"and send us a copy of the payment receipt or a photo.
We are extending reservations to the recive of the money on our account, and once that happens, we send you an official confirmation of booking.

4. Check

We will send you the exact location of the object and all check-in instructions, so that you can act on its own. We can also provide you with a shuttle service.

When you check-in, you pay the remaining amount and leave a deposit as collateral.

To add information about your property in the catalog of our web-site - please send full information via e-mail:

Information should include:
- Description
- Photo
- The coordinates on the map (GPS)
- cost
- Contact details

We will check the information you supply in, will specify the necessary details, if it is necessary. The information about your property will be posted on our website within three working days .

Possible photographing your property.