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How to buy property in Thailand?

How to buy property in Thailand?

In this article we will describe all main points to consider when you selecting and purchasing real estate in Thailand.

Dear customers! We strive to ensure that our cooperation was pleasant and efficient.
We want to help you make the right choice, so we have prepared a next questions:

1. Why do you buy the property? For permanent residence, for periodic rest, for business, as a profitable investment?

2. What type of the property you want to buy? It will be apartments or a house? New or secondary real estate market?

3. Where should be located the property? In what part of the country you are planning to buy the property? In what area? The property should be close to the sea? to the infrastructure facilities? in the mountains?

4. Main characteristics of property. What is the size of ​​the apartmetns you want, how much should be rooms or floors (house or villa), on which floor you want an apartments? Is the sea view important for you? or the sea should be in walking distance? The last two options are not always fit, sometimes the sea is visible from the windows in the distance, sometimes the sea obstruct the other buildings, but it's within two minutes walking.

5. Priority settings. Determine which parameters are most important to you and which ones - secondary. If we will know what are the most important to you, we will be able to quickly find you the best option.

6. The budget for the purchase. How much are you willing to invest in the purchase? Whether you are looking for a cheap accommodation or you want to buy an expensive, even in loan or in installments? It is not associated with your overall budget, it is important how much you are willing to spend it on real estate.

If you can not decide what you want, just contact us. We will call you back at a convenient time for you and discuss, for what you want to buy а property and what we can offer. Together we will certainly find the right solution.

Further actions

Suppose you determine exactly, what type of property you want to buy, and send us a request. After that we select for you a few dozen options that correspond to your criteria and send information (description and photos) to your email address.

Arriving at the viewing, you should understand that you will have to do some work, to choose a perfect from the all options. In the day, you can view up to 10 objects. We guarantee that 20-30 of those objects that we have selected for you from our database, you can choose the one that will meet your requirements. Of course, if you decided your selestion criteria correctly.

We recomend to highlight the first two days of a few hours to viewing the property. After you definitely need a couple of days to make the final decision. If you have made a mental image of your ideal home, desigion will not take you long time! Once you make your choice on one of the objects, you will need another 5 to 14 days to conclude the transaction. If you purchase housing under construction, the process will go faster - the layout and signing of the contract with the developer takes no more than four hours.

We will provide you with all the necessary assistance in the selection - our agent will accompany you when you view and advise on all matters absolutly free.

Consider all proposals, but do not be late with the decision - the money with each passing day depreciate, and real estate becomes more expensive. Therefore, it is true the saying "Acquiring real estate is more profitable in the past year." Remember, the right choice - a guarantee of a stable future.


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1. Selection

You send us a request or select you like an objecton on the website. We select and agree on the best options.

2. Registration

You send e-mail your data: first and last name in Latin letters same like in your in the passport. We book for you an object for 5 days and send you a bill for pre-payment. Usualy prepayment is from 10% to 100% form the rental price (depends from the owner). If the advance payment was not made within five days - the reservation is canceled.

3. Prepayment

You pay the bill by bank transfer, "Western union" oe "Pay Pall"and send us a copy of the payment receipt or a photo.
We are extending reservations to the recive of the money on our account, and once that happens, we send you an official confirmation of booking.

4. Check

We will send you the exact location of the object and all check-in instructions, so that you can act on its own. We can also provide you with a shuttle service.

When you check-in, you pay the remaining amount and leave a deposit as collateral.

To add information about your property in the catalog of our web-site - please send full information via e-mail:

Information should include:
- Description
- Photo
- The coordinates on the map (GPS)
- cost
- Contact details

We will check the information you supply in, will specify the necessary details, if it is necessary. The information about your property will be posted on our website within three working days .

Possible photographing your property.