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Tips for those who decide to start riding a motorbike in Thailand

Coming to Thailand, tourists often face the problem of transportation, since public transport is rather non-existent here, with the exception of Bangkok. The accommodation you rented may be far from the beach and from shops; you won’t be able to find much on foot in the scorching sun either, and you’ll also want to see the sights. Taking a taxi all the time is also expensive. All that remains is to rent a vehicle in Thailand: a car or a motorbike. And if few people would think of getting behind the wheel of a car without a license, then with a motorbike the situation is completely opposite.

Property taxes in Thailand introduced in 2020.

Tax is levied on individuals and legal entities who own, or have the right to use real estate in Thailand (land, buildings, condominiums, etc.). The new tax gives the right to local governments to collect taxes on land and buildings from all individuals and legal entities, including foreign citizens and foreign companies.

Wing Foit at Phuket!

Want to discover a new extreme water sport that most of your friends have never even heard of? Then Wing Foil is for you! A completely new sport that has gained great popularity in Western countries is now in Phuket!