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The blog about real estate and life in Thailand.

Buying apartments in Phuket

If you purchase a property on the island Phuket – you get highly comfortable residential real estate. Almost all the developers are trying to create maximum comfortable conditions for future owners and offer such internal facilities as swimming pools, gyms, free parking, garden, etc.

What income can bring an investment to property in Phuket?

Many people wondered where to invest their savings to increase their capital? And of course, everyone has known that one of the most reliable investments is an investment in overseas real estate. Money depreciates, but investment in real estate brings a stable income. The foreign real estate market offers a lot of options for investment, one of the most interesting countries is Thailand. Why invest in Thailand and how much is it profitable?

National Park Khao Sok

Khao Sok is one of the largest and most famous national parks in Thailand. It is only a few hours drive from Phuket island and is known for its Lake Chaolan. Chaolan is an artificially created lake, it appeformedfter the erection of a dam in 1982, which was necessary for the construction of a power plant. Why should we go there and what is so remarkable about this place?