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The blog about real estate and life in Thailand.

Low season in Phuket

It is believed that the low season in Phuket lasts from spring to autumn, and is associated with bad weather and a lot of rain, and go to vacation in Thailand during the summer is highly undesirable. We decided to dispel this myth.

Property in Thailand

Over the years, Thailand has attracted investment from around the World. And this is not surprising, because real estate in this country is constantly in high demand, both for purchase and for rent. Having a house on the seashore is a dream of many, especially if this house is located in a country where eternal summer reigns!

Why choose a Kamala beach area?

Now the Kamala beach area is gaining popularity among holidaymakers. Kamala is not considered the best beach in Phuket, in our opinion - it is underestimated by many, perhaps because of a lack of information about it.