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Coronovirus in Thailand. Is it worth it to go on vacation to Thailand, to the islands of Phuket and Samui?

Despite the extremely negative forecasts of experts on the spread of coronovirus in Thailand - nothing terrible has happened and is not happening. There are only 33 cases of this disease in the country, and most of the cases have already been cured.

Porto de Phuket - new Central Festival at Bang-Tao beach area

The new Central Festival "Porto De Phuket" was built in the Bang Tao beach area at the end of 2019. Unlike the shopping complexes of this network located in the center of Phuket, the new Central Festival consists of several one-story buildings. The territory of the complex will be decorated with tropical trees and recreation areas. For the youngest visitors a playground is provided.

Blue Tree water park in Phuket

The new Blue Tree Park has already opened in Phuket, in the area of ​​Bang Tao Beach. The emphasis of the park is on water activities for the whole family. The park artificially created a huge, crystal clear lagoon for any active type of recreation on the water. The scale of the park is impressive, the total area of ​​the territory exceeds 11 hectares.