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National Park Khao Sok

Khao Sok is one of the largest and most famous national parks in Thailand. It is only a few hours drive from Phuket island and is known for its Lake Chaolan. Chaolan is an artificially created lake, it appeformedfter the erection of a dam in 1982, which was necessary for the construction of a power plant. Why should we go there and what is so remarkable about this place?

Sunrise over Phangna Bay

In Phuket, we are all spoiled by beautiful sunsets, which can be observed almost every day on the west coast of the island, almost from any of the beaches. Dawn is much more difficult to catch. The thing is that you'll wake up very early, and you'll have to go for the sunrise because almost all of us live from the sunset side, where the best beaches are :) A little story about what you can see if all the same wake up at 4 am.

Dragon Crest Mountain in Krabi province

On April 13, the whole of Thailand celebrated the New Year. Usually, this event is delayed for several days. And we, taking advantage of an occasional vacation, decided to visit Krabi province. Perhaps you have already heard about this province in Thailand, and maybe even there were. But even living in Thailand for many years, we found out that don't know everything about this wonderful province, and it has something to surprise us.