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Smoking banned in Thailand

In 2017, the Thai government introduced a number of smoking bans in Thailand. These prohibitions are better to know, that would not accidentally violate the law. Violators will face severe punishment, up to imprisonment for 10 years.

Drinking water in Thailand

Like any other products, bottled water in come in variety of quality levels. The sources of bottled water in Thailand are spring water, underground water, water from well, and water from tap. If you don’t choose wisely, you might end up buying low quality bottled water that made from tap water.

Best restaurants in Bang-Tao area.

To make it easier for you to orient yourself in a large selection of restaurants in Bang Tao area, we decided to write an article about the most delicious of them. We do not pretend to be a restaurant critic, but still, we hope that our article will help you choose the right place.