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Why choose a Kamala beach area?

Now the Kamala beach area is gaining popularity among holidaymakers. Kamala is not considered the best beach in Phuket, in our opinion - it is underestimated by many, perhaps because of a lack of information about it.

The northern part of the beach, indeed, is inferior to many of Phuket's beaches, but its southern part is no worse than other beaches. Smooth entry into the water makes it comfortable for rest with children. A large selection of restaurants located directly on the beach, with very democratic prices - an ideal place for dinner in the rays of the setting sun. This choice of coastal restaurants you will not find anywhere else in Phuket. On the same coastal street there are massage parlors where it will be pleasantly relaxed in the evening coolness.

In the area is a large supermarket Big-C and a lot of 24-hour shops 7-11. A lot of restaurants and cafes. There is also a show FantaSea, popular with tourists with children.

In the northern part of the beach there is a beach club and the Café Del Mar restaurant, where you can spend an excellent time during the day with pleasant music, rent a chaise longue, and have a refreshing cocktail. From 9 pm to 2 am Café Del Mar operates in a nightclub format. It regularly brings world famous DJs. Perhaps, with regard to high-quality electronic music - this is the best place in Phuket, at the moment.

Next to the Café Del Mar there is another HQ beach club, where you can also rent a chaise longue, enjoy refreshing cocktails, and have a tasty dinner in the evening.

Developers of Phuket also appreciated this area, and several elite residential complexes are being built in the northern part of the beach. Such as Montazure, for example.

The area is also suitable for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday. Due to the fact that there are not so many hotels on Kamala as on Kata and Karon, the area is not overloaded with tourists, it is more often chosen by expats and people coming to wintering.

Another plus is proximity to three other popular beaches - Patong, Surin, Bang Tao. On Patong you will always find a bright nightlife, on Surin - tranquility, on Bang Tao one of the best in Phuket restaurants and beach club Catch Beach Club.
 An unconditional plus of the Kamala area is also a large selection of properties for rent in walking distance to the beach. This can not boast of all the beaches of Phuket. Your vacation here can be comfortable even without a rental car.
We will be happy to pick up your property for rent or for purchase in this area, taking into account all your wishes.


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