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Wing Foit at Phuket!

«Wingsurfing», or «Wingfoil» or «Winging» is a completely new kind of water sport, the closest thing to Wing Foil will be kite-surfing, to be more precise - Kite foiling. In place of a regular board, a special board is used - Hydrofoil, and in place of a kite - a Wing (hence the name Wing Foil).

The wing is similar by design to a kite, but it is controlled without lines by hands. The wing is not fixed to the board, it is attached only to the arm with a belay, so that a gust of wind does not carry it far from the rider. Hydrofoil is a underwater wing mounted on a surfboard, which allows you to rise above the water and develop a sufficiently high speed, due to the fact that the resistance of the water becomes much less than in the case of using a conventional board.

The wing provides great maneuverability and ease of use. Thanks to the lightness and mobility of the wing, you can ride, switching between different riding methods: running upwind, moving downwind, surfing downwind. You can rise above the water and fly over it thanks to the power of the wind.

Wing Foil uses special short, but wide and thick boards, so that the rider is stable and can easily stand on the board.

The ease of use of the Wing Foil and the relative ease of setting up the equipment allows you to ride in almost any body of water. The wind is suitable for riding in any direction, but it will be especially interesting to ride in a crosswind. You can also surf the waves by returning to the starting position or moving between the waves with your wing.

In general, Wing Foil is a way to move as freely as possible through the water using the power of the wind and waves. And this sport, despite the fact that it appeared quite recently, has already become very popular in Western countries, and now you can also get to know him on the island of Phuket.

In the first lesson you will be taught to stand on a hydrofoil, in the second lesson you will be taught how to control the wing, in the third you will be able to ride on your own. The school also has equipment for rent, for everyone who has already mastered the new sport.

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