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What's better to stay in a hotel in Phuket or to rent a vacation home?

Many people, choosing vacations in Phuket, are wondering - what's better to choose - a hotel or rent a villa in Phuket or another property? Each of these options has its pros and cons.

Hotels in Phuket.

Like any international resort, Phuket offers a large selection of hotels for every taste and budget. You can choose the hotel by yourself on the booking websites, or purchase a tour to Phuket, where hotel accommodation is already included in the price.

hotel in phuket

The advantages of the hotel:

- Good location near the best beaches or important infrastructure facilities. For example, you can take a hotel like Centara Karon resort or Angsana Laguna which are located in a walking distance to the popular Karon or Bang-Tao beaches.

- 24-hour reception. You can check-in and check-out at any time.

- Large selection of related services such as taxi, gym, swimming pool, massage salon, restaurant, excursion service, etc.

- Room service.

- Availability of breakfast.

Disadvantages of the hotel:

- Lack of kitchen.

- Inconvenient to stay with the family. Most hotels are designed for two people.

- High prices.

Vacation rental in Phuket.

Phuket offers a large selection of properties for rent. You can choose a place to your liking and budget, from a luxurious beachfront villa to a modest studio in the center of the island.

vacation rental in phuket

The advantages of a property rental in Phuket:

- In most cases, rental housing costs significantly less than a hotel, especially when you are planning to stay two weeks or more.

- You will have a kitchen, which allows not only to save money on restaurants but also to please yourself and your loved ones with homemade food.

- Good internal infrastructure. Almost all residential complexes in Thailand have a swimming pool and gym.

- Home comfort and coziness.

- Large selection of accommodation options. You can choose the most suitable accommodation option. A large house, spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the whole family, a luxurious villa with sea views and first-class service, an inexpensive apartment in the center of the island.

- More space. At your disposal will be the whole apartment, house or villa in Phuket. You can come to the holidays with a big family or a group of friends, and live together.

- Location. You can choose your accommodation according to your preferences. It's could be a beautiful Kamala beach, perfect for a vacation with a family, or it could be Patong beach - if you are planning to go with your friends.

Disadvantages of renting a property in Phuket.

We can say that there are practically no flaws. At the moment, the service offered by property owners and real estate agencies is practically not inferior to the hotel service, and sometimes even surpasses.

- The high cost of daily rent. If you come for a 1-2 day only usually it will be cheaper to stay in a hotel because of the cleaning price. Accommodation in vacation property is beneficial if you rent it for 3 or more days.

- Distance from the sea. As a rule, hotels are located closer to the beach.

- Electricity and water are not included in the price. In most cases of vacation rental, an electricity and a water are charged separately.


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