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Buying an apartment in Phuket

You can buy an apartment in Phuket both for the purpose of further residence, and as an investment - after all, renting a property in Phuket is in high demand all year round. Phuket's real estate market offers a wide range of offers for every taste. You can buy an apartment with sea views, within walking distance to the beach, or in the center of the island, close to schools, large shopping complexes, hospitals.

Reasons to buy an apartment (apartment) in Phuket.

Firstly, affordable cost. The cost of an apartment on a paradise island starts at 50,000 USD. For this amount you can purchase an apartment in a well-maintained complex with a gym and a swimming pool, fully furnished.

Secondly, as an investment. Due to the long season, from October to May, real estate in Thailand is well rented. And even in the summer months, which are considered the low season in Thailand, not a few vacationers come.

Thirdly, of course, for the purpose of living in Phuket. It is no secret that many once arrived on the island, they can not deny themselves the pleasure of relaxing here from year to year. And to relax in your own apartment in Phuket is much more comfortable than in a hotel or in rental housing. You can arrange everything as you would like for the apartment to have all the things you need. In addition, this is a good saving on a hotel or apartment rental, you do not have to pay for your own housing. And its value is only growing from year to year. If for some reason you decide not to fly to your tropical residence - you can always profitably sell or rent your apartment in Phuket.

How to buy apartments in Thailand on about. Phuket and not miscalculate?

We have written for you a number of articles on buying property in Thailand, and placed them on our website. After reviewing the theoretical part, you can find out the price of an apartment in Phuket using our catalog. Our database is constantly updated, and not all objects immediately appear on our site. Therefore, be sure to contact us for a free consultation. We will not only pick you the most interesting offers for the purchase, but also help you deal with all legal issues that arise during the execution of the purchase and sale transaction.


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