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How to buy an apartments in Thailand remotely?

You want to buy an apartments in Thailand, but cannot find time to travel? It is not necessary to visit a tropical paradise to buy apartments. We will help you buy property in Thailand from anywhere in the world.

Note: To make a purchase remotely in a free hold, you can on the primary market only with the purchase of apartments from developers. Purchase and sale transactions are made without your presence, but you would be desirable to arrive to the presentation of ownership documents, which are issued upon completion.
In the case of registration of apartments in the leasehold (long-term lease of 30 + 30 + 30), your presence at the time the apartment is not necessary. Contract long Are apartments (leasehold) can be signed remotely. And you can start receiving rental income immediately. Even if you buy apartments on the secondary real estate market.

Selection of apartments and developer.

Our experts will assist you in the selection of the best offers according to your wishes. We take into account the following selection criteria:
• The location - the distance from the sea, proximity to infrastructure, preference for the district or the beach.

• Size of the apartment, number of bedrooms - it depends on how many people will then live in it or stop during the holidays.

• Floor - it also takes into account your preferences, as well as features of the object under construction.

• View from the windows - you can choose a view of the ocean, mountain or city views, and perhaps you more on perfume of the courtyard of the complex (garden, swimming pool, etc.).

• Floor plan, and location in the building - for example, you want to first floor apartment - with direct access to the pool, or perhaps the other way around, you like the apartment on the upper floors for a nice view from the windows and the lack of neighbors on top. We are ready to accommodate your every wish.

• Price - Price is depends not only on the object location, size of the apartment and the presence of a sea view. At the start of the construction of real estate is much cheaper, and it is rapidly becoming more expensive, while the house is under construction, and reaches a maximum price after delivery. That is why the purchase of apartments on the stage presale - is not only a good buy, but also a profitable investment.
The schedule of payments for the apartments, usually, is individually for each customer. The most demanded option - the payment by installments. It is usually available in the entire period of development, sometimes prolonged after the building is completed. The Construction of the building takes no more than two years. The construction of high-rise buildings - three years.

How to buy?

We offer you a comfortable apartments purchase algorithm in Thailand without leaving the country:

Reservation of the selected object - is carried out by making a deposit from 20 000 to 100 000 THB. Its value depends on the price of the object, the deposit is included in the price of the property. In order to keep your reservation, you need to send to our mail a scan of the passport, registration address and place of residence, as well as a contact phone number. Then, the developer will prepare a special paper - the booking form, which will be given information about the apartment (area, floor, room, where the windows of apartment, etc.), and payment information. Form will be sent to you via e-mail, together with the score on the reservation payment. Pay account can be in any bank, the translation goes from two to five business days. Important: be sure to save your receipt! The apartment will be withdrawn from sale after receipt of money on account of the developer. After the enrollment deposit, the developer sends you a statement with the information about how many baht was credited to the account and that the exchange rate to convert the currency.

The signing of the contract - as soon as the deposit is paid, the developer prepares a contract in two copies in English or Thai language (Russian version is also included for reference, but it is in Thailand has no legal force) and sign them. Scan the contract is sent by e-mail with the invoice for payment of the first installment, and the original is sent by mail. You put a signature in the contract, after referring to its terms, and also send it to scan to e-mail the developer. Original copy of the builder will be sent by mail. To make an invoice, banks often require the original contract, so it is necessary to wait for receipt of the originals.

The first payment - it is equal to 20-30% of the property price. After its introduction, you become the owner of the apartment with the right of resale, donations and other disposition of its own shares. Payments need to make according to the schedule, the developer sends an invoice (bill) to pay before each delivery. In the case where you could not make the first payment, the agreement is canceled, the apartment offered for sale, the deposit remains with the developer. Important: in case of delay of payment for objective reasons, report builder, so he postponed the introduction of cash.

Subsequent payments - the rest of the funds (30-80%), which must be made for an apartment, divided into equal amounts that need to pay every month or every quarter. The schedule is negotiated individually.

Last payment - from 10 to 50% of the price of the apartment is carried out on return of keys.

Registration of ownership.

Preparation of documents for the ownership (Chanot) takes three to six months. It depends on the speed of the project inspection and a selection committee from the Land Department.

You personally have to put a signature on a document of title, if for some reason you can not attend the signing of the documents, it can be signed by the other person with power of attorney from you.

Accompanying expenses.

We have compiled a list of additional costs for the purchase of apartments in Thailand:

• Bank transfer fee payments - in 100% of the amount paid by the apartment owner.

• contribution to the sinking fund - is 300-650 baht per square meter of space depends on the total area of ​​the apartment. Funds are transferred during the presentation of the keys or at the time of signing the property documents.

• Utility payments - is 30-50 baht per square meter. m per month, pay for them once a year. They are sent to the service object, the surrounding areas, security, etc.

• metering of electricity and water.

• For registration of ownership of an apartment Land Department takes a tax of 6.3% of the purchase price. Often paid in half with the developer. It is regulated by national regulations and is subject to change.

According to legislative norms of Thailand, foreign nationals have the right to acquire real estate in full ownership. A citizen of another country can belong to up to 49% of the entire facility (condominium, building, etc.). The owner of the remaining share must be a citizen of Thailand, or a legal entity registered on the territory of the country.


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