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Real estate abroad: investments in Thailand

Many of us are thinking today: "How to save your savings?".

In the current economic situation in the world, the eyes of Russians are increasingly turning towards investing in real estate abroad. One of the most promising areas, for a number of reasons, is Thailand.

Firstly: a stable economy, a strong national currency.
Secondly: the relative cheapness of real estate.
Well, most, perhaps, the main thing: investment attractiveness.

Today, developers offer foreign buyers various investment programs, both short-term and long-term.
The most common is: a guaranteed return of 6-8% (depending on the project) on the cost of an apartment for 5 years. At the end of the program, you can extend it or use the apartment for your own purposes. The term of the investment program can vary from 3 to 15 years! The guaranteed return is transferred to the owner by a one-time payment once a year.

The management company of the developer creates the most comfortable conditions for the buyers who entered the investment program. That is, by buying an apartment in Thailand, the investor is relieved of the headache for his apartment. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is the management company that incurs almost all costs. Namely the content of the adjacent territories, cleaning in the apartments. The company also seeks customers, populates, evicts, monitors the safety of the interior, organizes a transfer from the airport and back.

There are cases when the developer cooperates with a well-known hotel chain. In this situation, the project marketing is no longer the company of the developer, but the hotel itself, using all its resources. On the island of Phuket, several projects are under construction, which will later be managed by such well-known networks as Banyan Tree, Sheraton, Best Western, Absolute World, and others.

Buying an apartment in Thailand for investment purposes it is important to remember that at any time you can resell your apartment. It does not matter at what stage the project is located. Be it a construction project or an already working condominium. The developer gives an opportunity to the new buyer, to continue participation in the investment program.

The popularity of real estate in Thailand is growing every year, and accordingly it is growing and its price (7-10% per year).
Selling your apartment, for example, in 5 years, in addition to a guaranteed return, you will get a decent capital increase.

If you have an idea to buy an apartment in Thailand for short-term investments, then with the help of a qualified and experienced agent, you will easily find an interesting offer. Trust professionals and you not only save your money, but also increase!


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