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Additional services


We suggest you use the service for the purchase of health insurance going abroad. A wide range of insurance companies will allow you to choose the best insurance policy for a set price and its constituent features. If you forgot to take out insurance at home - you can protect yourself already in the journey.

Legul support

At the conclusion of transactions with real estate you can not do without the help of a qualified lawyer who will be able not only to make a good contract, but also to check the purity of the transaction. We work with the best lawyers in the island. Our lawyers will help you to arrange all the necessary documents, draw up a contract, check the legal purity of the transaction and property. If you want to register a company in Thailand we can help you in it, and even take over the care of the accounting.

Property Management

Property management is a service for property owners who want to have a profit from a lease. The service allows you to most effectively dispose of your property in Thailand through our company. We provide a full package of services for servicing property and searching customers for purchase or rent.