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Car rental conditionals


1. Select the car you like on our website.

2. Send us a request with the dates for which you need a car. In response to your request we will send you the exact cost of rent, and confirm the presence of the vehicle on the dates of your choice.

3. Booking a car made by prepayment. Prepayment is 5,000 Baht. The cost of car rental is fixed at the time of transfer deposit, and can not be changed.

4. Prepayments made by the Lessee during the 24 hours by bank transfer, PayPal or Western Union. If the deposit has not been paid in this period the booking can be canceled.

5. Deposit for booking the car is not returned.


1. At the end of the lease period the car must to be returned no later than the date and time specified in the contract. In case of excess of the lease term, the Lessee agree to pay a fine of 200 THB per each additional hour.

2. Rental payment for a car must be paid in full after the signing of the lease contract. Payment of rent is not refundable, even if you have returned a car before the date specified in the contract.

3. The car can be changed on the car with the same parameters and the price, with the prior consent of the Tenant.

4. The tenant must be at least 21 years old and be in possession of a driver's license of international standard, the driving experience should not be less than one year.

5. Tenant should pay the refundable security deposit of 10,000 baht or 300 USD. The deposit will be returned after the end of the lease term.

6. Insurance with unconditional deductible already included in the rental price.

The deductible is applied in case of damage or accident made by the lessee or by a third party. In case of accident caused by the Tenant or when the originator can not be established, the Lessee shall compensate the damage within the franchise - 10,000 (ten thousand) THB maximum. Also, a franchise involves compensation in case of damage of windows, tires and car theft. 

The insurance does not apply in cases where the driver was drunk or drugged, and in case of refusal of medical test.

7. The level of fuel in the at the end of rental should not be less than the first day of rental.

8. Do not use the rented car on the beach, sand, off-road tracks. Penalty 10,000 THB for damage to the car in case of violation of this paragraph of the agreement.

9. Do not give the car for repair without consent of the company to provide car rental. The tenant must immediately inform the company in case of an accident or any faults.

10. The tenant can not use a rental car to commit illegal acts.

11. The tenant must take care of the car hire.

12.The tenant can not travel on the rented car outside of the region which it was rented. In case of violation of this paragraph of the contract the Company may penalize tenants for 10,000 Baht.

13. In case of loss of the ignition key be charged a fine of 4000 (four thousand) THB.

14. A leased vehicle must be returned to the rental in the same condition in which it was given. The car can have a slight natural contamination. In case the car is too dirty - interior cleaning and washing machines shall be paid by the Tenant.


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