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How to choose a yacht for a charter in Thailand?

More yachting fans coming to Thailand. Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea have excellent conditions for yachting. A large number of routes, stunning natural beauty, plenty of uninhabited islands with pristine nature, beautiful pechanye beaches, clean sea, no complicated navigation and safe parking space - suitable for sailors of different levels of training.
In Thailand, you can rent a boat of any type or class. It can be a high-speed motor yacht or a beautiful sailing boat or a small motor boat, which quickly whisk you to the nearby islands.

The main types of boats

Sailboats. They are more romantic, who has not dreamed of as a child to travel on a ship under sail? Who would not want to feel the sea breeze! When you stand on a yacht nose and the world opens up to you! Sailing yacht - a symbol of freedom! At the same level of luxury and comfort in a modern sailing yacht under an hour is not inferior to five-star hotels.
Another undoubted advantage is its price. Due to the fact that travel on this boat you only need a fair wind, you do not spend money on gasoline. This greatly affects the cost. But there is also a minus. Sailboats less rapidity as motor. To travel to the islands will take much longer than on a motor yacht.
Motor yachts - is undoubtedly a symbol of prestige and success! Beautiful, comfortable, well-equipped, luxurious and expensive! All would like to have all this would ever take a trip to this! You should not think of anything! the wind is always passing to you! You can simply relax in the comfort of cabins or go out on the deck and enjoy the beautiful view. In addition they have less sediment, which allows to go on a boat in the bay with no high level of water. The downside is the cost of these luxury yachts to rent for luxury equipment, and high fuel consumption, although there is a minus for successful people?
If you are not important for the comfort level and you just want to quickly get to the neighboring island - ideal for your powerboat or spidbot.
The most and least comfortable budget option for Trips on the seas of Thailand Longtail will. Longtail - a traditional Thai wooden boat with a motor. Boat Longtail got its name (long tail), because of its motor, the screw of which is mounted on the end of a long metal tube. What makes the boat very manoeuvrable. Longtail perfect for Journey to nearby islands and along the coastline. Through no more rain on it, you can swim up to the places not available on any of the boats.

Where to go on a trip?

Thai Sea offer a huge selection of destinations for travel. It all depends on the amount of time that you are placed and your preferences.
If you want to have fun - you are ideal island Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Phuket. If you want to see beautiful seascapes, flora and fauna of Thailand, you will undoubtedly enjoy: the island of Krabi, Phangna Bay, Similan Islands, Park Ang Thong province in Suratani, Tachai island or Samet. For fans of the deep fishing is more appropriate Racha Noi Island and the Similan Islands, where you can catch of the biggest fish. Close to the major resorts in Thailand Sea is not deep enough for large fish.

How to choose a boat?

It all depends on how many of you people, how much time you are placed, and exactly where you want to go. We will be happy to help you to choose the direction and the ideal boat for your Trips.


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