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How to buy an apartment in Thailand and do not lose money?

1. Do not b a target on investment return programs. Often, developers offer a high percentage of return on investment, reaching up to 15% per annum. But not everything is as good as it seems. Return investment programs operate for a limited amount of time then after you will either have to sell the apartment or rent it out yourself. The market can change, and at some point, there may be a situation in the market in which the developer can not fulfil its obligations to you, and you will be forced either to rent your property yourself or to apply to the Court. To sue in Thailand is long, and expensive. A purchased property in the market may turn out to be illiquid, due to its location, for example.

2. Focus on the uniqueness of the project. Now a lot of the same type of proposals from different developers, the demand for rental is high, but with an overabundance of the same type of proposals, it may fall. Unique projects are always in price, regardless of the situation on the market. You can always profitably sell or rent your property.

3. Perhaps the most important point is the location of the property. Real estate within walking distance to the beach is always in demand, whatever happens to the market. People who come on vacation, as a rule, do not want to rent a car. There are projects that are very successful, and at the same time are not within walking distance to the beach, such projects, as a rule, are unique due to their other characteristics. They offer additional services, improved infrastructure, or are close to important infrastructure facilities, such as international schools, business centres, entertainment complexes, hospitals. And yes, it makes sense to pay attention to them, but before buying a property it is better to consult with a specialist.

4. In spite of the fact that buying a real estate before construction starts is the most profitable investment at the most attractive price - it is still better to buy real estate from developers who have received permission to build - EIA. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into long-term construction. The delay in the delivery of the project may take years. Without the permission of the EIA, it is impossible to build multi-storey residential complexes (condominiums), but it is possible to sell. The construction of villas and residential houses does not require such permission.

5. Do not invest your money in real estate with an area of less than 25 square meters. Such property is badly rent out, and it is difficult to sell.

6. If you want to get a profit from your investments in the near future - choose popular tourist areas, with well-developed infrastructure. Undoubtedly, a good infrastructure will someday be everywhere, but no one knows how long it will take for it to appear. Areas with poorly developed infrastructure are well suited for long-term investments, as the value of real estate there is lower.

6. A good alternative to real estate from the developer is the secondary real estate market. Yes, most often, there are no guarantees for the return of investment and instalment payments. But, often, you can find real estate at a very favourable price with a good return. In turn, such a property can be transferred to the management of the management company, which will look for tenants and take care of your property.


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